7002 Saluki Bldg 6 Unit B

Corpus Christi, TX

How it all started

Russell Barber started designing cams in 1997, and eventually started Volatile Camshafts. Ruben Mata had started tuning LS1 cars in 2004, but took a short break from it in 2008 when he moved to Corpus Christi. After receiving numerous requests, he started tuning again and turning some wrenches for customers out of his personal garage. He had known Russ long before, so he used Volatile Cams in both his and his customer's cars. After having great results, he brought up the idea of combining forces and turning Volatile Camshafts into Volatile Performance. This way they could take advantage of a bigger shop and expand their services. All that was missing was a lead technician to perform the work. Russell's long time friend Trey Garces had been working on cars since highschool and was the perfect match for the job. He graduated cum laude in 2009 with an Applied Science Associates in Automotive and had been working at Bay Auto Service since 2008. With the 3 of them sharing the same passion for cars as one another, they started working together to build Trey's car for the Texas Mile. After its successful results in 2012 and experiencing what they could accomplish as a team, they were ready to officially start up Volatile Performance.

Meet Our Team

Russ designs our custom camshafts and provides customer support. He also does porting and polishing on intakes, throttle bodies, and cylinder heads.

Ruben is our custom tuner and manages most of the business side of our company. When he isn't too busy with that, he gets involved with a little bit of everything.

Trey is our ASE certified technician. Although we specialize in late model GM performance cars, he can wrench on many other makes and models.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you win races. We are committed to providing the services you need and at a reasonable price. We pride ourselves in the work we do here as we concentrate on quality over quantity.

Our Goals

All business aside, we here at Volatile Performance are like family. Our customers can always count on us to support them and lend a helping hand. Just as we hope they will continue to support us as our business grows. Our goals are to become one of the best automotive shops in South Texas and to eventually be able to do this full time. The more successful we become and the bigger we get, the more services we will be able to provide to our customers.