7002 Saluki Bldg 6 Unit B

Corpus Christi, TX


Some racers just don't have the time or experience to work on their own vehicles. There's nothing wrong with that, so here are some of the parts we can install for you.

  • Complete Engines and Transmissions
  • Intakes, Headers, and other bolt ons
  • Nitrous, Turbo, and Supercharger kits
  • Clutches and Torque Converters
  • Camshafts and Cylinder Heads
  • Suspension and Chassis parts
  • Wheels and Tires


We are able to do quality work with the use of proper equipment and tools. They are essential to doing the job right, and that's why we are constantly trying to add equipment and specialty tools to better serve our customers. Here are some of the equipment we use at Volatile Performance.


Somethings are almost impossible to do without a lift. That's why we have a 9,000 lbs. capacity 2 post lift. This is a shop must have, and helps us to do a lot of the installs you wouldn't want to try in your garage with jack stands.


Tires play an important role when it comes to putting all that horsepower to the ground. Because of that, we have a tire machine and balancer in house. We know what it's like for our customers to work all day and then have a hard time finding a place to mount their race tires. Here at Volatile Performance, we can do it after hours and on weekends to make it more convenient for our customers.


Our wireless scales allow us to measure vehicles up to 5000lbs. This shows us within .1% accuracy what each corner of your vehicle weighs and is a huge benefit when trying to get better weight distribution. When you get the weight at each wheel right, the end result is a much better performing vehicle, and any further wheel, tire, and suspension enhancements will yield even more effective results.


We have a flow meter to aid with our porting and polishing services. We port cylinder heads, intake manifolds, and throttle bodies to increase horsepower. We can also measure the volume of your combustion chambers and intake/exhaust runners for your cylinder heads. Knowing details like that will help your setup come together much better.



Package Deals

Let us put together a package to help save you money. Some parts compliment each other for increased power and also share some of the same steps for installation. Paying for labor once saves you money in the long run. Plus, you can receive discounts on other services performed at that same time.

Group Buys

Every once in a while, we will have a group of customers wanting to buy the same products. If we have enough interest in a similar product, we can usually buy it in bulk at an even bigger discount. When we do this, everybody saves money on their purchase.

Other Services

Due to our limited resources, there are still services we cannot provide in house. That doesn't mean we can't get you taken care of. Let us put you in touch with places we know and trust to work on your car. We work closely with other shops who provide the following services.

  • Machine Work
  • Exhaust Fabrication
  • Paint and Body Repair
  • Protective Powder Coating