7002 Saluki Bldg 6 Unit B

Corpus Christi, TX


Ernie's 240sx features a stock LS1 swap with a Rossler 4l60e transmission. It has one of our custom Volatile heads and camshaft packages, a Volatile ported fast 92mm intake and throttle body, and a HSW nitrous plate kit. He has gone 9.7x in the quarter mile and is currently upgrading to bigger cubes, so be on the lookout for his new setup.

Texas Mile Trey

Trey's Trans Am is powered by a 408ci motor with a Volatile heads and cam package. He has Kooks 1 7/8 long tube headers and a Victor Jr intake with custom cold air piping. He made 480hp and has gone 180+ mph at the Texas Mile.


Alex's 2007 C6 is an LS2 motor with a 6 speed transmission. We installed one of our Volatile custom cam packages and had his cylinder heads stage II ported. We also installed Texas Speed 1 7/8 headers, a Fast 102 intake, and a Nitrous Outlet plate kit. This car put down 626hp


Russ's 2001 C5Z has a huge Volatile custom cam and PRC as cast cylinder heads. It also has Texas Speed 1 3/4 headers with the stock ls6 intake and cai. His car put down 446hp, but future mods will include a Fast 102 intake, McLeod twin disk clutch, and nitrous.


Kyle's 2005 GTO turns heads with its CCW wheels and Maveric Man carbon accessories. It has an LS2 with an LS3 topend installed, a custom cam, and an FLT 4l60e transmission with a custom FTI converter. With over 400hp, it runs just as good as it looks.

The Mexicutioner

Malachi's 2008 C6Z has one of our Volatile custom cam packages installed, a set of Kooks 1 7/8 long tube headers, and a halltech MF103 CAI. It is currently being upgraded to 442ci with a Callies Dragon Slayer crank, Callies Ultra Billet Rods, and Wiseco forged pistons.


Ruben's 1999 corvette is powered by an ECS novi 2200. It has PRC as cast cylinder heads with a volatile custom cam package, a Fast 102mm intake, a dual nozzle meth kit, and Texas Speed 1 3/4 long tube headers. The old motor didn't like 750hp, so an ls1 stroker build is in the works.