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Quality Parts

We offer a variety of quality parts here at Volatile Performance. We have become dealers for many products in order to save you the trouble of researching, ordering the wrong parts, and dealing with online sales. Developing a business relationship with these places allows us to take care of everything for you. We will ensure you get the best parts and at the right prices. Just to name a few, we are dealers for:

Volatile Cams

We are very Proud to announce our BLACK SERIES cams. While we offer custom designed cams at affordable prices, we wanted to deliver a custom design in an off the shelf format. With the LS3 as our platform, it was the perfect place to design cams that deliver more horsepower, torque, throttle respone, amazing sound, and still be streetable. Each cam also has a nitrous variant that is designed to perform exceptionally well with the added use of n2o. Contact us for more details.

BLACK (Stage 1)

N/A - 224/226 .58X/.57X

N2O - 224/226 .58X/.58X


N/A - 228/230 .58X/.57X

N2O - 228/230 .58X/.60X


N/A - 232/236 .57X/.59X

N2O - 232/236 .57X/.60X